March 10, 2016

5 lessons of style to take advantage of high pressures

This weekend the sun we will remember us that spring is near. At last we will have three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) dry and sunny throughout Spain, except in the Basque Country, Canary and Balearic Islands where it will rain.

How to get the most out and come back on Monday to the office feeling as a goddess? Here our list:

1. Leave at home your fantastic, super functional and black winter giant bag (if it is not black, it’s brown). Take you spring / summer bag to the street. This year the raffia bag will be a hit so it is time to look one and start practicing.


Raffia bag of Ahalife

2. There is nothing more stylish than a pair of sunglasses and also this weekend you will need it. The form must be adapted to your face but “cat eyes” style works with all types of physiognomy.


Prada “cat-eyes” sunglasses

3.- Why not add a silk scarf in your hair?


Dolce & Gabbana silk scarf

4.- Our appearance is now similar to a 50s movie star so nothing better to close the look with a lipstick of intense color. Red is a classic but fuchsia always rises spirits.


Nars lipstick

5.- And finally, the most important tip: always opt for colored garments. A good pattern or a highly saturated tone can move you, with a simple blink, to the Caribbean. Try this weekend!

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