May 26, 2015

Our most international partner bloggers

I will want to speak about our collaboration with bloggers who does nothing but grow and grow (and we are really happy). This time, we move away from Spain to welcome our more international bloggers.

We first work with Mara Molina from “Con R de Reymara” blog. This Venezuelan blogger has some tips for hair care, avoid dark circles or black spots they are already indispensable material in the blogosphere.


She designed and signed interesting outfits as you see:


And now we move to Mexico to discover the work of a couple: Alix and Efren. He is the photographer and she’s the editor of “We are uniform” a blog that allows us to discover that Mexican trends and street-style is very similar to the Spanish one. We have worked in this case with Alix and we love their casual, fun, fresh attitude, evident in all her works.


Her good work is noticed in all the designs she has created for Whatoweather. Here is an example (although you know that there is more to the app):

What do you think about our bloggers? What a style they have on the other side of the Atlantic ….

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