July 30, 2015

Last summer collaborations

Summer will not end yet and (although with rain and gray clouds this week there are people who proclaims the end of the season) but what ends is our collaborations with fashion bloggers; until the leaves of the trees will fall to the ground again we will not enjoy new inspiration “made in blogger”.

And what better to do that ends this stage with Fabiola from “Il mio piccolo capriccio” She combines fashion and travel perfectly in a blog and I love that. There is nothing better than enrich any publication giving more layers and Fabiola does it perfectly..

Il mio piccolo capriccio

She designed for us very chic outfits as you see (you know that there are more to app):

Now I want to speak of Rosalia of “Medir el tiempo en latidos”, a tremendously educational blog where you can learn what is the it-piece of the season or how do some DIY / Crafts.

Medir el tiempo en latidos

This outfit who signed to Whatoweather is a reflection of his style: current, funny, relaxed and denim (of course). I love it but what about you?

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