February 18, 2016

What will be the “it-piece” of next week?


Knowing what can be the “it-piece” of our wardrobes next week is simple. We just need to know what will be the weather forecast and reduce chances knowing what is a trend now.

And in relation to weather forecast we will have major changes. Are you tired of cold? Come on, courage, because the situation will change soon. This weekend (February 20-21) it begin to rise temperatures and the relative “heat” will accompany us, at least, until next Friday. In Murcia and Valencia they will have 20º or, for example, Barcelona and Vigo will achieve 18º. Also, in general, it will stop raining. The only exception will be next Monday 22 wherein the maximum will drop again and we have to use umbrellas in many areas.

It is the perfect time to take out of the closet our leather jacket How are leather jackets this year? Classic black (always a good option), fringed, suede, 70′s style, with large lapels, with color or metal (gold especially). I have made a selection of my favorites. I hope you like:

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