April 2, 2016

The colour of the heat

Do you wait excitedly every year that Pantone tell us what is the color of the spring and summer? Well, sorry to disappoint you but this season their predictions do not seem to be very successful. Pantone thinks one thing, the stores other and the streets a third one so the best I can do is tell you what they prefer and you have to decide what color are you going to turn up the sad tone of your winter wardrobe.

According to Pantone, next months we will live in “Rose Quartz”


Quartz pink dress in romantic style


Rose quartz for a dress accompanied by another trend of the season: the neck loop

If you do not like this option, it facilitates a second proposal called “Blue Serenity”

Blue serenity in a naif style dress


Dress collecting another major trends of the season: ruffles

The problem is that the stores have already decided a few months ago (except Inditex and its rapid reaction capacity) that this will be the most orange year of the decade.


Bright orange for a totally stylish dress


The orange comes ready to cheer

And finally the street seems to opt for white but I think it will finally opt by mint colour (yes, that was fashionable a few years ago without success but now I think it’s time).


Who would not want a piece like this in its closet?


Mint and bare shoulders: winning combination

The good news is that there are options for everyone, right ?

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