July 11, 2015

Our family of bloggers grows! Yujhu !!

New bloggers decided to work with Whatoweather and I’m so proud with the results. I will introduce some of the outfits that are designed for our app and hope you like it as much as me.

We started with Maria Munoz, @blondiecloset, a fashion blogger whose account instagram is plenty of style, trends and a much sense of peace (or at least this is how I feel, which is fantastic).


The look she signed (you have more in the app) is extremely feminine and she uses one of the skirts that has become one of my favorite pieces of Whatoweather virtual closet of this season

Our next collaborator is Joana  from Marc Loves Me, a blogger with a great personality as she shows in all her outfits. Proof of this is the section of her blog “Look of the week”, where she wastes originality.


The example of outfit that she has designed (more in the app) is also very feminine but in this case she breaks it with accessories giving force and a point of contrast to the look.

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