Does Whatoweather run on iPad, iphone and iPad Mini?


Does Whatoweather run on Android devices?

Of course!

Will Whatoweather use up a lot of space on my device?

It can fit in less than 10 MB.

What features has Whatoweather?

With Whatoweather you will know the weather forecast for today or tomorrow anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the application gives you a daily outift matched to the weather. This will help you to be inspired and allow you to create your daily looks. Also you can buy those clothes that you most have liked.

In Whatoweather you can vote clothes and sets indicating what you like or what you think are more fashionable. In “Top 10″ you can check people’s likes but if you decide to vote, you can also compare your tastes with the rest of world. You will easily know if it is time to update your wardrobe. Whatoweather will show you which are the essential items of the season, those which will be in all the cabinets or those that will be the more fashionable in order to decide what pieces to invest.

Do you need to register to get in?

Not at all. You can access without registration but you will lose some features like the ability to vote or to analyse your personal “Top 10″

Anyway, do not worry because if you want to activate these services you can register once you’re inside Whatoweather. 

I forgot my password. How I can get a new one?

Click ” Use your account ” on the initial screen. A form to enter all your data will appear. You will see written “Forgot Password?”. Click on this sentence and enter an email address to which you want to send you your new password.

If you are not registered, you can repeat this process accessing the login section which is in the lower menu of the application.

I want to change password. How I can do it?

Within the application (you must access it with your account details) click on “Register” section from the lower menu. It will appear a form that would let you reset your password.

Can I choose a different language?

Yes. You can choose between English and Spanish in the language section of the lower menú of the application.

How to change my location?

Click in the “Other Places” menu on the bottom of the application. It will appear a dropdown where you could type the desired location.

Where is and what kind of weather information you will find in the application?

Weather information is located on the home screen, in the top menu. Throughout your navigation through the application, you can always return to this initial screen by clicking on the logo Whatoweather located in the top menu.

Two meteors will show you the weather forecast in the morning and in the afternoon (in the same day or in the next day) in the chosen location, plus the expected maximum and minimum temperature.

Where did WTW get weather information?

Weather information is provided by 4gotas atmosfera y océano SL, also promoters of Whatoweather. If you want to access more weather information, click on 

Who prepares WTW sets?

Bea Hervella is responsible for adapting weather and trends with style, functionality and economy.

How to access to the clothes section?

Once you have entered in Whatoweather and you’re watching the outfit of the day, slide your finger to the right or click over the outfit picture and you will access into the clothes section.

How to buy a piece that I like?

You just have to click on the photo of the item and then, you will be taken directly to the online store where you will make your purchase.

How to access to the “Top 10” section?

This section is always available by clicking on the top menu of the application.

What information can I get  in “Top 10”?

In “Top 10″ you can know the preferences worldwide: which are clothes or outfits more loved, which are most fashionable and which are pieces that most people have. Also, if you register, you can create your own bookmarks in which your clothes / outfits will appear ordered based on the tastes of the rest of the world.

That lets you know at a glance if your tastes are similar to those of the rest of the world or if you are a free spirit, or which clothes succeed and which are a good option to buy in order to renewing your wardrobe.

If you’re watching an outfit and access the “Top 10″, the information will cover outfits. However, if you are viewing cloths and enter to “Top 10″, the statistics will refer to garments.

What can I vote?

In Whatoweather you can vote clothes and sets indicating what you like or what you think are more fashionable.

What do I have to do to vote?

You just have to click on the label at any section of the application. For example, if you like a skirt, you just have to click in the heart label of the garment section, or in the “top 10″. But to vote you have to be registered so if you’re not, don´t worry, the registration form will skip.

How I can show what clothes I have?

You just have to click on the label of a bag that comes with the garment you have. Thus, the application associates the garment with you and it will indicate that you have it when it appears in a “top 10″ or in any outfit.

How will I know quickly if I have clothes in an outfit or in “Top 10”?

In an outfit, the number associated with the label on the bag indicates the number of items that you own in that set.

In the “Top 10″ if you see a pink colored bag label with a small tick inside, this means that you possess this piece.

When I visit my personal Top 10, what is the number that appears in the upper left corner, next to each cloth/ outfit?

In your own and personal Top 10 , the clothes and sets that you like or you think they are most fashionable are arranged in relation to the tastes of the world. That is, if you like two skirts, it will appear in top position the one which is most liked for the rest of the world. Just the number on the upper left indicates the position of this cloth or this outfit in the world preferences ranking. This makes it very easy to know if your tastes are similar to those of the rest of the world or if you’re a free spirit.

How do I get help if I have a question about using the app that it is not detailed in this section?

Feel free to e-mail us!.