January 26, 2016

Are the sunglasses only for summer?


If you think that this winter is still rare, a little cold, a little dry in the Mediterranean and wet in the northwest, be aware because you have not even seen it all! This weekend a powerful anticyclone overlooks the Iberian Peninsula approaching sun and skies of intense and saturated blue. Until Tuesday the sun illuminates our lives so we have to take steps to not stay blinded. And what better option to make use of one of the most striking accessories of any look: sunglasses.

I love the Polaroid glass brand, for their designs and especially for its polarized crystals.They are perfect to prevent all types of radiation to leak and therefore your eyes are truly protected but more importantly, the most effective way to avoid glare effect. They are available in EyeClic. I find especially attractive its online store because, as a clothing store, you can select the shape of the glasses: cat eyes, oval, square … It’s tremendously useful.

What trends are in eyewear this 2016? Cat eyes are still a must:


The color: although in clothing this year will succeed pastels (especially pink and light blue), the glasses come to break the sweetness of the outfits with rich, saturated colors. We will see the front in one color and the pin in others. I love it!


Another option of the season is white color. In winter the glasses can be combined with a red lipstick and spring / summer highlight our tanned so it is a winning choice. Last summer this trend began to emerge and I believe they will raze this 2016.


As I’m a fan of the glasses and I would put any day of the year, I include another EyeClic model (this time are not sunglasses) that I loved and that again incorporates the tendency to play varying the color of the front and the pin. With a knot hairstyle or short hair I think it would be spectacular.