June 7, 2016

will this summer be hotter than normal?


June begins, it smells like summer and then I have this atavistic fear that it will rain on my vacation. Did I should buy that cute swimsuit I saw in Oysho or better leave it for when the lottery will allow me to return to Thailand? I check the seasonal forecasts (although its reliability is not very high in our latitudes) and this summer we are lucky: on this side of the Atlantic (I mean Europe) we have agreed with those on the other side of the pond (the Americans) and both announce us:

  • In the western area (including Portugal) we will have a normal summer in relation to temperature. That does not mean there would be no surprises; ie, there may be a colder period followed by a warmer one. Also, they tell us that June will be warmer than normal. In addition, it is likely that this summer will be a little drier than normal (especially in June and July). In the north-west we should use a “bomber”. We give you ideas on how to combine it:


  • In the Mediterranean area, it will be a little drier and warmer than normal. So take into account long skirts, relaxed silhouettes and the different types of gold sandals of Club Fluchos that I love.

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