March 18, 2016

What to pack if you travel the first days of Easter


We (I include myself) want to know as soon as possible if we can take our first sea bath or sunbathe of the year this holidays. But make predictions the first days of spring or autumn is a high-risk sport. In those times it is, so you understand, as if the atmosphere had changed jobs and she acts indecisive, erratic, unstable and without finding even place.

If we add a hesitating atmosphere, with the social pressure of knowing as soon as possible what will happen and with the big holiday expectations, the result is often a ZASCA to this kind of forecasts and by extension, to the group of meteorologists.

Therefore, you will understand why I only will describe what is likely you find the first half of this holidays; ie from 19 to 23 of March

The first possible hollow of your suitcase / bag is already assigned: it is for the umbrella. It will not rain persistently and these days are not going to be gray and sad. Not at all! In fact, we will enjoy many moments of sun and you are going to ***** in the meteorologists and their predictions, but when you get that isolated rain shower (because some will fall) that will catch you on a terrace, in the middle of a main square or walking along the beach, you will return to love us. By the way, two little things: on tuesday it will not rain in Galicia (except in northern area) and on wednesday the chance of rain will decrease everywhere except in the Canary Islands, Pais Vasco and south of peninsula, okay?

So here’s a list of my preferences. I hope you can relax and enjoy these days.

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