December 3, 2015

What to pack next holidays?

It seems that rain will refuse visiting Spain the next days so if you live (or plan to visit) south or central areas you could forget the umbrella (except some showers in the Balearic Islands and in Gibraltar area).

I’ll give you ideas of what to pack. I have chosen two outfits: the first is for the center area (as it will be quite cold there) and the second is to the south where the maximum temperature will exceed 20 degrees. Anyway you know that for more detailed info you can download whatoweather free app on your phone or tablet clicking here.

In north it will rain monday night and tuesday but it will be not be very intense rainfall. A quilted coat will be your ally, especially on the Atlantic coast, to prevent the strong wind will turn down your favorite umbrella. I will also add an outfit with knit dress that is the trend of the month, which I hope will inspire you (forget the umbrella during the weekend).