January 12, 2016

What we should buy this sales taking into account the weather forecast for this winter?

Are you a little annoyed of seeing fur coats in all fashion editorials? Please, do not even think of buy these kind of coats or I assure you that they hardly going to get out the closet this winter!


Seasonal forecasts (very consistent and more reliable than usual) return to indicate that January, February and March (ie, the remainder of the winter) will get warmer than normal throughout Spain. In particular, especially in January and February where thermometers figures will record until 2nd or 3rd above usual. So forget this so cute fur necks trend.”Look but do not touch me” is what should appear on the label sales of this type of clothing!


On the other hand, these same forecasts indicate that in February we will get wet more than what we are used to in the West and instead, in the south and in the Mediterranean see less water than usual. And March will be more rainy than expected in Galicia, Extremadura, western Andalusia and Portugal and a little drier than average in the east.

In all those areas where it will rain a lot, you had better dedicate part of your budget on water boots (no hunter, it will be better to shop a 70 style model to combine with shaped A skirts and dresses) as well as a groovy and colorful waterproof.




I hope these tips you will optimize your sales money.

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