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Sick of getting your feet wet or of not buying the most stylish clothes!

Don’t worry. Whatoweather It will be your best pal matching meteorology and fashion. Besides knowing your city weather forecast for today or tomorrow, the application gives you a daily outift adapted to the weather. This will help you to be inspired and allow you to create your daily looks. You never again will be the fool that goes without tights in a rainy day.

Vote your favorite clothes. Find out in “top 10” section which pieces are the most desired, which garments most people have or which clothes set trends and share it with Twitter or Facebook. If you fall in love with some of them, you could buy it directly from Whatoweather. Also, if you show us what pieces do you have, you’ll know if your wardrobe has the “must” of the season or if it’s time to upgrade. 

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You will never fail again to getting dressed.

Whatoweaher will provide daily weather forecast anywhere in the world. Specifically you will know the maximum and minimum temperature and symbols for the morning and afternoon forecasts will be shown for the location you want for today, tomorrow or after tomorrow.

But Whatoweaher functionality goes further by also offering a stylish outfit adapted to the weather. You can be inspired when you get dressed with the assurance that you’re going to cope weather with style. You will never left home again with boots when sandals are suitable. The inspiration button will allow you to change the outfits in order to find anyone you like.

Use Whatoweather daily and you will never make a mistake. It will be your perfect ally to pack your weekend getaway!

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Discover what you like.

In “Top 10″ you can know the worldwide preferences: which are clothes or outfits most loved, which are most fashionable and which are pieces that most people have. Also, if you log in, you can create your own bookmarks in which your clothes / outfits will appear ordered based on the preferences of the whatoweather community users.

That lets you know at a glance if your tastes are similar to those of the rest of the world or if you are a free spirit, or which clothes succeed and which are a good option to buy in order to renewing your wardrobe.

If you’re watching an outfit and access the “Top 10″, the information will cover outfits. However, if you are viewing cloths and enter to “Top 10″, the statistics will refer to garments.

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My closet is fashionable or it is time to renew it?

In Whatoweather you can vote clothes and sets indicating what you like or what you think are more fashionable. You just have to click on the corresponding label: the heart if you love something or the triangle if you want to mark a trend alert.

In “Top 10″ you can check people’s likes but if you decide to vote, you can also compare your tastes with the rest of world. You will easily know if it is time to update your wardrobe. Whatoweather will show you which are the essential items of the season, those which will be in all the cabinets or those that will be the more fashionable in order to decide what pieces to invest. But to vote you must be registered. We need to store your preferences for showing them whenever we visit us.

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Will be my clothes among the most desirable?

In addition to voting, Whatoweather allow you to mark which cloths you have by clicking on the label in bag form.

Why you should do it? Because you’ll quickly know if you are fashionable or not. At a quick glance you will find out what clothes you have are in the “Top 10″ of most desired items, of more fashionable items or which has worldwide.

In addition, you’ll know immediately how many of your clothes are in any of the sets shown in Whatoweather. So it will be easier to create stylish daily sets that allow you to cope with the weather.

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Assured victory adapting your wardrobe with the clothes that succeed.

Whatoweather will inspire you. If you fall in love with some piece, you can simply go to the clothing section, click on the one you like and the application will redirect you to the online store so you can buy it.

On the other hand, if you find that your clothes with Whatoweather are not among the most desired and you must renew your wardrobe, in “Top 10″ you will know what pieces are better positioned and will be the better option to buy. Again, clicking on the garment, the application will open a browser that will take you to the online store where you can make your purchase.