May 22, 2015

What to wear on Sunday to go to vote?

This Sunday you may be vote perfectly without an umbrella if you organize according to our schedule times:

In the Cantabrian coast

The sky will be grey and it will rain, especially early and late so if you want to exercise your right without rain, you should go in the early afternoon. We give you a choice of outfit to inspire you.

In all other areas of the northern Spain

Do not worry because this is not going to rain so you can go at any time within the schedule. It will be not a super hot day. We give clues in order to inspire you.

 In central and southern Spain

Here we do have risk of afternoon showers (late in the morning in eastern Andalusia and Murcia). To avoid surprises with rain, better to vote early:

All that you have to get out of these hours, we leave you a selection of our favorite umbrella:

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