July 18, 2015

You go to Seville and I go to Santiago de Compostela

From north to south of Spain we have found bloggers who wanted to collaborate with us. Today we visited Seville and Santiago de Compostela with two fashion editors with great success in the blogosphere.

I want to introduce (although probably already know) María josé, author of “Low Chic”. Everything in her blog is recommended but their videos with tips are a must. I love the enthusiasm with which she communicates. Their looks also are risky and nothing predictable which is something I always appreciate.


She designed to us several outfits that you can see in the app but I will show you one, which uses a “must” of the season, a long vest:

Our next collaborator is also called Mary and her blog is “Miss Estilos”. You can find in it a good inspiration in her section of “Look of the day”; her style is very modern but always with a sweet final image enhanced by her features.

Miss Estilos

I want to show you one of her signed outfit which has all that I have told you: modern but also very sweet.

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