July 8, 2015

Survive stylish to a heat wave

I hate going disguised when there is hot weather. As I get older I realize that I need to wear hats, and sunglasses. I camouflage my need as fashionistas purposes lifestyle but the truth is that my thermoregulation system no longer looks as sleek as years and need some outside help. I can not wear heels (which make me sweat more) or tight clothes.

The problem is that this terrific heat will continue until next Wednesday so we have to take action: light-colored clothing, not moisturizer to cover my refrigeration tracks and many fabulous accessories in order to keep me cool. I leave a list of the clothes / accessories coolest and best suited to my purpose to overcome with dignity and style heat.

But all is not lost because there will be moments of respite in some areas: Friday and Saturday will lower temperatures in the Atlantic coast and in the Cantabrian respectively but will rise again on Monday (ains …)

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