September 9, 2015

Trends that you should have to abandon this warm and rainy autumn

At this point all know what will be the “it-pieces” this fall. The problem is that these proposals you have to combine them with a meteorology that, as you will see, it will not be our ally. That’s what I want to talk in this post; I do not want that, carried away by the moment “change of wardrobe, hello new trends” that always assails us in September, you buy some pieces certainly not going to be able out of the closet.

I know you will hate me because I’m going to refuse some of the keys to this fall but better now than later, when you will be forced to parade as a “fashion week” for your corridor and not in the street as a result of the rain.

This year is special: aa a result of an unusually intense phenomenon of “El Niño” I could say to you, with more aplomb than usual, that this autumn will be, in general, rainier than usual in Spain but also warmer (with soft temperatures).

And with that, I give you four very clear recommendations:

No fur coats.


What for? In autumn you can not put too much because it will not be cold and because it will rain enough. And what’s more hideous than a coat of wet hair? Let me guess…Ahh … yeah … its smell !!!

A very bad combination: rain and suede.


Indeed. Everything said in the title. Can you imagine a suede dress under a raincoat?

Flare pants without mud, please.


I already have my flare pants (and probably you too). All we have to do is watching out for its the length. This time, better not too long or we will finish all muddy.

Hats yes, but a few days.


Yeah!! I also love this trend but with the rain, it will be very difficult to use a hat. You could buy one instead of thinking in having 4 (one of each color).

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