November 12, 2015

summer, until when?

Sure there are few complaints in relation to the time that has been with us this fall in Spain, isn’t it? In early September I explained how because of the phenomenon of “El Niño” this fall promised to be warmer and wetter than norma and temperatures are very high and they have even beaten more than one record.

We have linked anticyclone after anticyclone but the big question is when this streak will be broken and when it will rain even in Seville? The most that I can say is that until two weekends (ie, until Sunday 25) we will not see any changes (except 4 drops on Monday and Tuesday in Galicia).

In autumn and winter I usually start dressing by the feet. That is, the first thing I decide is my shoes and then I think the outfit. It seems key to know if I should use a rain shoe or not. If you think the same, pay attention: you will have a week and a half in which you can forget waterproof boots. I include three proposals for outfits perfect for these days incorporating Antía new shoes collection. I have already spoken of this company in the past. It is a Galician initiative that makes handmade shoes; this season the models have a very special design that refers to “male” style that I like so much. I hope you will enjoy them so much as I do.


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