June 10, 2015

Are we going to asphyxiate this summer? What clothes will save our lives?

As every year, it starts the apocalyptic “run-run” about how it will be this summer weather. We all remember in 2013 french forecasters indicating that we would live an aummer than a summer and we all know how the story ended …

This year half whispered gossip from media and social networks talk about the opposite situation: it seems that we are going to asphyxiate but they don`t try to say it without too much assertiveness; it is a good idea. I always say that in our latitudes often not hit too much. But …. Who can resist analyzing such forecasts definitely have some more reliability than the horoscope? I will summarize what I’ve found. Specifically I analyzed those offered by NOAA, from US,  to discover that spanish summer will be not excessively hot.

In southern Spain it seems that temperatures could be a bit lower than average in June and July, while August should not leave us great surprises.

If we talk now of rain it seems quite likely to rain than normal in many areas. Specifically, in the peninsular interior during June: in mountainous areas as Iberian System, Central and the Pyrenees in a situation marked by storms that have actually completed so far. In July instability moves further north and storms fall into the Cantabrian and Pyrenees leaving more rain than usual in those areas. And finally in August it seems that again could rain in the same areas, although not as many as in July.

We’ll see if seasonal forecasts are all right but it seems pretty clear that there can be a storm summer.

But … what I can put in my suitcase? I’ll show 8 favorite clothes that I found doing Whatoweather outfits; they will save you the summer: they are very cool, cheap and comfortable so you can not ask for more.

I start with dresses: I love them and I’m looking forward to the summer to wear them forever. This year I’m a little obsessed (since winter) with yellow and tropical moment so my proposals are on that line.

Vestido estampado piña

Sheinside dress

vestido amarillo asimetrico

Zalando dress

On the feet, sneakers and gladiator sandals.


Zalando sneakers

sandalias gladiador

Zalando gladiator sandals

We need one t-shirt and a kimono.

camiseta niqui

Sheinside t-shirt

kimono bordado

Zalando kimono

And my favorite part: bags. I put only my favorite because I like them all I find it so hard to choose …


Zalando bag

And finally a raincoat because sooner or later a storm will fall over us next few days.


Sheinside raincoat


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